Sept. 17  We will worship at 10:30 at Van Cleve park in the pavilion by Kid’s Kingdom (across from 1320 or 1402 Lake Shore Drive).  Afterwards we will have a potluck picnic and games.  Please bring a dish to pass along with a serving utensil.  You can even bring hamburgers or brats, and Gerald B. will grill them for you.  You may want to bring your own comfy lawn chair too.

If it is raining, the worship and potluck will be inside the church.  

Peanut-Free Church  Due to peanut allergies among some of our children, we are working toward becoming a peanut-free church.  Please check labels for hidden peanut oils.

Date change:  You are invited to a card-making party on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 10am-1pm.  Lunch is included.  The cards that are made will be sold on the white table in front of the bulletin board to continue raising money for the Building Maintenance Fund.

The Music Co-op  is now having a “jam session” in our building on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month 1pm – 3pm.  They have invited you to jam with them any Saturday you want.

     The Music Co-op is a grassroots idea for networking people who want to make music with others.  Whether you sing, play an instrument or write songs, you are welcome to join, regardless of age or skill level.  The Music Co-op is a growing pool of local musicians from which to draw in order to perform the songs of your heart.  Perhaps you play guitar, but your voice could sink tall ships.  Maybe your violin piece needs piano accompaniment.  Or maybe you’ve written a song that you want others to perform.  Come to the Music Co-op!