Simon Peter:  Flawed but Faithful Disciple is the title of the new study that will start on Sept. 19 at 9:30.  Simon Peter was not rich or educated, but was familiar with hard work.  He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world. He left everything to follow his teacher, yet struggled with doubt and fear.

This study at 9:30 on Sunday mornings is open to all people who are flawed but yet possess many positive attributes.  See you there! 


All Memorial UMC people invited (not just leadership)


This Monday, Sept. 20, at 6:30 p.m. our Church Leadership is meeting for so much more than just another meeting, and all you all are invited. In preparation for our 2021 Annual Church Conference (1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31) and, more importantly, for our shared future, we are looking at who we are as a congregation and who we believe God is calling us to be. What are our core values? What areas of ministry are we focusing on? What or who may we be overlooking? What unique strengths and resources is God providing us and how can we best use them for God’s glory? How do we meaningfully engage our members and ministries despite the ongoing disruptions and changes we all are experiencing? What goals will we set for the coming year and for the next 3-5 years? What are we committed to doing to reach those goals, to continue our own growth as disciples of Jesus Christ, and as leaders and participants in this congregation?


I’m sure all of our church leadership and council members already have their calendars marked, but we’d also like to hear from anyone else who is a part of our congregation. If you’d like to offer your input, but can’t make the meeting this Monday, please reply to this email, or call the church office, 428-9311, with your comments or questions. Check the October Newsletter for follow-up on our discussion and decision making.



Pastor Cathy

Youthquakes and Tremors (6th - 12th grade)

Youth Group gathering for food, fun, and to tell Mrs. S. what they would like to do this year.

Date:  Saturday, Oct. 2

Time:  5pm

Place:  Memorial UM Church

            by the firepit, weather permitting


Please RSVP by Sept. 30 to Sandy St. Aubin 282-9221 or to the church office 428-9311.