Prayer List as of Sept. 16, 2021

Memorial Church is known in our community as a praying church, and we are blessed to have so many prayer warriors who faithfully lift the items on the Prayer List.


If you would like to add your item to our Prayer List, please contact the church and make it known.

               Prayer List


New Concerns

Bert Peterson

Terry Hampton


Cherie Phalen

Family of Jenifer Deace 

Donna Wilken

Family of LeRoy Johnson

Susan Lindgren

Family of Kathy Voegel


Recent Concerns

Al Jensen

Pete Jensen

Wanda LaCosse

Family of Jim Serafin (Helen Palo’s brother)


On-going Concerns

Betsy Anderson

Bud Baltic

Sarah Benson

Lorna Benson

Mark Bishop

MaryAnn Brayak

Tom Butch

Nancy Campbell

Janelle Castillo

Ginger Clairmont

Bud & Pat Clark

Eileen Collins

Debbie Dew

Chris and Kim Diamond

Bernie Erickson

Andy Fase

John Fisher

Justin Gaarnat

Caroline Hart

Barb Ingram

Al Jensen

Alice Jensen

Jeff Lancour

Jon Lohrbach

Marcy Makosky

Rebecca Marchak

Tammy Martin

Chad Mileski

Zach Nardi

Lincoln Noel

Josiah and David Pryor

Vivian Ray

Bev Regts

Debbie Renkin

Marvin Sodermark

Julie Springer


Marianne Watson Milkowski

Jerry Wery