Prayer List as of October 17, 2019

Memorial Church is known in our community as a praying church, and we are blessed to have so many prayer warriors who faithfully lift the items on the Prayer List.


If you would like to add your item to our Prayer List, please contact the church and make it known.

New Concerns

Robert Anderson

Family of Marylou Benton

Lori Branstrom

Family of Hazel Gillis (Jeannie Ryan’s Mom)

Julie Gudwer

Lettie Houghton

Muriel Marks

Trina Sanville

Elin Strom

The Kurds in  the Middle East


Recent Concerns 

Amy Anderson

Family of Carol Bergstrom

Karen Branstrom

Family of Bill Guertin

Warren and MaryAnn Hubbard

Family of Robert Lippens


Dave and Jamie VanSice


On-Going Concerns


Kristee Arndt 

Julie Backlund                     

Bud Baltic


Donna Becker

Baby Bennett                                 

Rebecca Benson

Shelby Jean Boris                                 

Chloe Borish

Jim and Lois Boydston                   

Lori Branstrom

Tom Butch                            

Ginger Clairmont


Debbie Dehlin

Chris and Kim Diamond                

Sylvia Dye

Alana Etka

John Gudwer

Sue Halloran                        

John Hansen

Caroline Hart                                     

Mary Ann Heubler

Walt and Lettie Houghton           

Callan Hughes

Alice Jensen                                      

Chris Jensen

Tom Jensen                                       

Dick Johnson

Karen Johnson                                 

Katy and Brian



Molly Kurtis                                       

Susan Lindgren

Jon Lohrbach                                     

Marcy Makosky

John Marchak                                   

Rebecca Marchak

Billie Marmalick                               

Larry Martin

Cheryl McIntyre                               

Heather Lynn Plimpton

Josiah, Sarah and David Pryor    

Bev Regts                                            

Tammy Reser

Mason Robitaille and Mom Bailey

Marvin Sodermark

Dennis and Doreen Summach    

Wayne Waeghe

Dorothy Wagner                                 

Marianne Watson Milkowski

Tom Watson of Seattle                    

Kenny Wilson                                    

Ethan Winling