Prayer List as of Nov. 27, 2023

Memorial Church is known in our community as a praying church, and we are blessed to have so many prayer warriors who faithfully lift the items on the Prayer List.


If you would like to add a name to our Prayer List, please contact the church.  Names are left on for 2 weeks unless you tell us differently.

Prayer List


New Concerns

Rodney Potvin and family


Recent Concerns

Joyce Schrock

Family of Al Jensen

Walt Houghton

Katie Juhola


Ongoing Concerns


Peace in the Middle East

All the innocent people in Israel and Palestine

Mindy A.

Betsy Anderson

Bud Baltic

Lisa Richer Barta

Lorna Benson

Sarah Benson

David Bohlen

Tom Butch

Nancy Campbell

Karen Caswell

Mary Clark

Bud and Pat Clark

Shirley Clark

Eileen Collins

Chris and Kim Diamond

Scott Eckert

Brian Galvin

Michele Geyer

Ian Goldi

John Gudwer

Nancy Harger

Caroline Hart

Jim Hubbard

Liz Kempher

Susan Lindgren

Marcy Makosky

Toni Marchese

Rebecca Marchak

Rhonda Mulligan

Zach Nardi

Vickie Ottensman

Helen Palo

Emily Shada Polega

Josiah Pryor

Jordan Rabitoy

Marv and Pat Sodermark

Krista Warm