Prayer List as of April 2, 2020

Memorial Church is known in our community as a praying church, and we are blessed to have so many prayer warriors who faithfully lift the items on the Prayer List.


If you would like to add your item to our Prayer List, please contact the church and make it known.

Starting Over with the Prayer List 
Every year or two, we like to wipe the prayer list clean and start over because sometimes names are submitted but never taken off after the need has passed.  Please look over the prayer list and re-submit names that should be on there.  Prayer requests are generally left on for 2 – 3 weeks unless we are requested to leave them on longer.  Thank you! 


New Concerns 
Dave and Mary Hagen 
Uriah Kuhlman’s Mother Anne


Mike Oxford 

Family of Rob Salmi
Recent Concerns 

Mark Bishop 
Terri Branstrom 

Peter Jensen 
Family of Jim Johnson

Dorell Kirschner 

Family of Sherry McFarlane 
Family of Henrietta Miller 
Necessary Equipment and Protective Gear for Medical Personnel


On-Going Concerns

Nancy Campbell 
Bud and Pat Clark 
Bernie Erickson 
Jerry Hampton 
Caroline Hart 
Marcy Makosky 
Keri and Bob Polasek

Josiah, Sarah and David Pryor

Bev Regts 


Old Prayer List which will soon be deleted if the names are not re-submitted:
Julie Backlund 
Bud Baltic 
Baby Bennett 
Shelby Jean Boris  
Chloe Borish 
Kade Botsford 
Jim and Lois Boydston 
Tom Butch 
Ginger Clairmont 
Debbie Dehlin 
Chris and Kim Diamond 
Sylvia Dye 
Alana Etka 
Bernie Fackety 
Robin Grabowski 
John Gudwer 
Sue Halloran 
Mary Ann Heubler 
Callan Hughes 
Alice Jensen 
Chris Jensen  
Tom Jensen 
Dick Johnson 
Karen Johnson 
Katy and Brian 

Molly Kurtis 
Susan Lindgren 
Jon Lohrbach 
John Marchak 
Rebecca Marchak 
Larry Martin 
Cheryl McIntyre 
Heather Lynn Plimpton 
Tammy Reser 

Mason Robitaille and Mom Bailey

Marvin Sodermark 

Dennis and Doreen Summach

Scott Vallier 

Dorothy Wagner 

Marianne Watson Milkowski

Kenny Wilson 

Ethan Winling