Prayer List as of April 12, 2018

Memorial Church is known in our community as a praying church, and we are blessed to have so many prayer warriors who faithfully lift the items on the Prayer List.


If you would like to add your item to our Prayer List, please contact the church and make it known.

New Concerns

Kristee Arndt

Mary Bastian’s Sister-In-Law Mary


Mary Ann Heubler

Family of Dean Manni

Norma – Doctor on Tuesday

Mikki Petersen

Cindy Stock

Kathy Young’s Brother Bill

Returning Snowbirds

Bus Accident - Hockey Team

Syria – Chemical Attacks

Attack in Germany


Recent Concerns

Betsy Anderson’s Brother Bud

Benson’s Grandson Zeke

Family of Ron Benson

Ettenhofer Family

Marleen Graham

Tom Jensen

Chris Jensen

Lettie’s Two Sisters:  Jean Dubord and Jackie Brown

Nannette Martin’s Son

Melissa’s Foot

Ethan Plesche

Russ Poma

John Zahner


On-Going Concerns


Julie Backlund


Donna Becker

Deb Boden                            

Chloe Borish

Jim and Lois Boydston                   

Tom Butch

Mary Cheyne                                    

Chris and Kim Diamond

Mary Gendron                    

John Gudwer

Walt Houghton                

Callan Hughes

Karen Johnson                                 

Michael Johnson

Katy and Brian                  

Diamond and Peggy Kemner



Deb LaPorte                                      

John Marchak

Rebecca Marchak                            

Lisa Massie

Gary Quick                                         

Cindy Rivers

Verna Sicotte                                    

Cindy Stock

Anna Vanderwal                              

Dorothy Wagner

Jeff Wanner                                      

Marianne Watson Milkowski

Tom Watson of Seattle    

Kenny Wilson