The Sr. High’s (9th - 12th graders) named themselves “Youthquakes” because they are not a group that just sits around.  They want to shake up the world.  The Middle Schoolers (6th – 8th graders) are the “Tremors” (smaller, pre-Quakes that keep us all on edge).



It is very helpful if you let Sandy St. Aubin 282-9221 or the church office 428-9311 know that you are coming.  Also mention if you are bringing a friend or two.


Friday, Oct. 22  Getzloff Maze

Meet at church at 4pm.  Return at 7pm

If yucky weather, we will stay at the church and play sardines and other games.


Friday, Nov. 5  Surprise activity  5pm - 7pm

Meet in the Youth Room at 5pm.  We may go outside for part of the time.


Friday, Nov. 19  Service Project

Meet at church at 5pm.  Return at 7pm.

Do homeless shelter laundry at the laundromat.


Friday, Dec. 3  Sports Day

Dodgeball, frisbee basket, etc.  5pm-7pm church gym


Tuesday, Dec. 28  Taco Tuesday Lock-In

8pm - 8am the next morning.

      Sorting cans for Homeless Shelter